Roof Repairs and Roof Maintenance

Your roof protects your home and everything in it, so when your roof is damaged or in need of repairs, we understand how important it is that everything is taken care of quickly and professionally. Whether your roof has been damaged by wind or hail or flying debris, or you just want someone to check for wear and tear, you can rely on Forefront Building & Restoration to take care of your roof.

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Emergency Roof Repairs

When your roof is damaged, it puts your home at risk for other problems like water damage or mold growth. Whatever type of damage your roof has experienced, you need a professional roof repair and maintenance team to assess the damage and make an immediate action plan for repairs.

We never know what kind of weather we are going to experience every day, but we want to help you limit the amount of damage your home experiences by providing quick, high-quality repairs. If you notice water marks on the interior of our home or bowing ceilings, contact our professional team today before a small roof leak grows into a bigger problem.


Free Hail Damage Assessment

Hail is a common cause of roof damage, and it’s important to have your roof inspected for potential damage as soon as possible. If you are concerned that your roof may have hail damage, contact us today for a free hail damage assessment. Our professional team will inspect your roof for any signs of damage and let you know if any repairs are needed.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think you may have roof damage from a recent hailstorm. We offer fast and friendly service and are happy to help!

Roof Maintenance

The roof of your home is under constant stress from the elements, and regular maintenance is required to prevent damage to your home and to ensure your roof’s performance for many years to come. What may begin as a small problem can turn into a major issue if you are not proactive when it comes to maintaining your roof.

Routine roof maintenance and inspections can help identify missing, cracked, or damaged shingles, poor or deteriorated seals, and issues with the fascia or gutters. Spending a little bit of time on routine maintenance could save you thousands on major roof repairs in the future.

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Forefront Building & Restoration wants to work with you to help keep your property in order. Our goal is to provide the best in roofing repairs and maintenance so that you can rest assured knowing that your roof is performing at its best.

Call us today to schedule your roof inspection and let us help you determine the state of your roof and what needs to happen to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.

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